Moeraki to the Otago Peninsula

Before leaving Moeraki, and once we had checked out of the Moeraki Motel (a bargain at 80 NZ$ a night for a two-storey apartment), we had a walk on a headland overlooking Moeraki on the 'Millennium Trail'. The views were lovely, especially from the 'Whalers' Lookout'. On the way down to Dunedin, Sue spotted a Royal Spoonbill, and so I screeched to a halt. We eventually saw perhaps as many as 10 of them; some excitement as they are listed as 'uncommon' in the bird book. We then went on a short scenic drive, which led to wonderful views over the estuary and also up towards the Otago Peninsula. Once on the Otago Peninsula, we went all the way to the end. We ended the trip with a visit to the Penguin Place, where we saw quite a few yellow-eyed penguins (also a NZ Sealion and a Blue Penguin in its box), but no photos because flashes were not permitted and neither of us knew how to turn off the flash on our cameras. Then back to Dunedin (and the Allan Court Motel) for the night. [For the uninitiated, Dunedin = Edinburgh, and hence the large statue of Robert Burns in the middle of the city should not be a surprise].

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